The JoRes project is happy to welcome AkzoNobel company

Ship Monitoring Energy Efficiency

AkzoNobel‘s Hydrodynamics Team Section Manager, Mr Barry Kidd highlights:

“In response to the maritime industry challenge related to increasing ship energy efficiency, many companies are focused on better designs, hull and appendage optimisation, retrofits etc. Nevertheless, the frictional resistance generated on a ship’s hull, which can sometimes be overlooked and underestimated, is one of the most significant resistance factors influencing operational efficiency.  As such, maintaining smooth clean hulls through the use of an effective fouling control coating remains one of the most important investment decisions for ship operators.  At AkzoNobel, we are excited to be taking part in the JoRes project initiative and would like to contribute our expertise related to fouling control.  We are very sure that the combined knowledge of experts from different scientific disciplines will greatly benefit this project and hence the entire industry.”

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