Another hull roughness assessment of our twin-screw vessel

What hull roughness value do you use when you run a CFD simulation of a vessel in ship scale?

At the JoRes project, we use the actual measured values for our vessels! A year ago JoRes team visited a dry-dock to measure hull roughness in 145 locations for our twin-screw vessel. This year we repeated the measurements at the same locations, so we will have a great opportunity to see how roughness changed over time! 

JoRes team at the dry-dock

JoRes project at COP26

The UN Climate change conference COP26 provided a great opportunity to discuss the challenges of maritime industry decarbonisation. It was highlighted that ship energy efficiency should play an important role to achieve the 2050 targets. It is great to see the key stakeholders of the maritime industry coming together, speaking the same language and discussing practical steps forward! 

IMO Secretary-General Mr Kitack Lim and JoRes project manager Mr Dmitriy Ponkratov

MV Regal model tests

Model tests witnessing is a great experience for everyone who is involved in ship design as it can help to better understand ship performance at an early stage.
One of the challenges is the waiting time of about 20 min between the runs (too many long coffee breaks!) :).
Pandemic and travel restrictions open new opportunities and we have a chance to virtually witness model tests now (doing some productive work between the runs). Fantastic streams, SINTEF Ocean!

And yes, these are the MV Regal tests for the JoRes project!

MV Regal model for towing tank tests

No doubt, MV Regal is a famous vessel as she is the only (at the moment) open validation case for Ship scale CFD. A lot of people have seen her as a digital model, some people have seen her in real life at the trials, but how many of you have seen her in model scale for towing tank tests? Sintef Ocean is building the model to replicate unique sea trials performed in September 2020. We will have the full set of data for the trial conditions – Trials/Model tests/CFD to better understand ship efficiency challenges. Stay tuned! 

Future MV Regal model