VAF instruments installed TT-Sense® on MV Regal

The TT-Sense® (temporarily without its protective cover) developed by VAF instruments has been successfully installed on MV Regal to acquire precise measurements of propeller thrust and torque. The JoRes project participants will get a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities of ship efficiency. Stay tuned!

P.S. You can also see the old strain gauge on the shaft used for the trials in 2015.


You asked we answered!

We received an interesting question on how sensitive would be the developing PIV system to ship vibration usually present at the aft end?

We are happy to answer that this has been our main reason to move from LDV to PIV. The challenge with LDV was to get the two laser beams to intersect. That requires very high mechanical stability of the device when putting in a vibrating environment. A PIV system is inherently more stable, as there’s no need to intersect laser beams at meters distance.

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