Kick-off meeting on 11th March in Madrid

We would like to thank everyone who attended the kick-off meeting in Madrid! Your great attention, valuable comments and sharp questions showed the importance of our initiative. It is the start of an exciting journey and we are privileged to be supported by you! Special thanks to ICTS-CEHIPAR for hosting the meeting and organising a very interesting tour to the towing tank and cavitation tunnel.


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PIV setup was successfully tested with seawater at MARIN

In preparation of the JoRes project, MARIN recently concluded PIV tests with seawater in a basin. The aim was to test the functionality of the system in seawater with naturally present particles for seeding. The setup was sized to represent geometry and working distances as would be applied on the MV Regal within the JoRes project. Results were very encouraging: the naturally present particles deliver good quality seeding and the needed full-scale working distances are achieved. This is an important step towards the project’s ground-breaking full-scale wake field measurements.

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Japan Marine United Corporation joins the JoRes project.

The Corporation‘s Hydrodynamics Design Group manager Dr Yasuhiko Inukai highlights: “As Japan Marine United Corporation is one of the leading companies in the shipbuilding industry, it is important and even critical to be innovative and agile especially in the subject of energy efficiency solutions. At the same time, it is essential to have an industry recognised and independently assessed benchmarks for these solutions. That is why we think it is very good timing and opportunity for the global industry to come together and contribute to the JoRes Joint Research Project.”


Preliminary agenda for the Kick-off meeting

Only a few DAYS left to register for the open KICK-OFF MEETING which will be on 11th March 2019 at 2 pm in Madrid and hosted by ICTS-CEHIPAR / El Pardo Model Basin.

We have confirmed participants coming from North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia! Do not miss the opportunity to meet the JoRes team and learn about the project!

Please contact us (email to BEFORE 1ST MARCH 2019 to arrange access to the facility.

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