Joint Research Project

Development of an industry recognised benchmark for Ship Energy Efficiency Solutions

The project was completed in 2023 and all the results and geometries will be publicly available from 1 December 2024. Stay tuned!

Striving to increase confidence in numerical methods and create a basis to further ship performance improvement and industry digitalisation.


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The Joint Research Project mission is to collect and develop, through collaboration, a full set of ship performance data, to better understand the potential for ship energy efficiency.


Model tests results, Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) calculations, sea trials measurements and long-term monitoring data.


Recommendations and best practices on ship scale CFD.


Confidence in CFD to make more accurate energy-efficiency predictions.

Ship scale validation cases

MV Regal JoRes1 Tanker JoRes2 RoRo Ferry JoRes3 Cruise Liner JoRes4 Deniz Tug JoRes5 Bulk Carrier
Geometry files formats .igs .stp .stl .igs .stp .stl .3dm .igs .stp .stl .dbs .igs .stp .stl .igs .stp .stl .igs .stp .stl
Dimensions Length between perpendiculars, m 138.0 178.5 170.0 226 18.28 182.0
Breadth moulded, m 23.0 32.26 27.7 32.2 7.46 32.26
Model tests Model tests at the trials draughts SINTEF and CSSRC SSPA and HSVA N N N N
Geometry details Energy Saving Device (ESD) N PBCF, skeg, rudder plate Twisted rudders Twisted rudders Ducts Pre Swirl Stators
Propeller 1FPP 4 blades 1FPP, 4 blade 2CPP, 4 blades 2FPP, 5 blades 2FPP, 4 blades 1FPP, 4 blades
Average Weld seams width, mm N 24.5 22.2 N N N
Information about Anodic protection Y Y Y Y Y N
Information about Bulge keels Y Y Y Y Y N
Roughness Equivalent sand grain hull roughness, µm 440 53 17 15 66 53
Equivalent sand grain rudder roughness, µm 440 63 22 230 132 63
Equivalent sand grain propeller roughness, µm 6 4 3 Y Y 4
Trials condition Deep water trials Y Y Y Y Y Y
Shallow water trials N N N Y N N
Speed and Power trials Sea trials speeds, kn 9.03
16.66 ~12 ~6
Draughts Ballast Loaded Ballast Ballast n/a Ballast
Propeller torque measurements Y Y Y Y Y Y
Propeller thrust measurements Y N Y Y N N
PIV flow measurements N Y N N N N
Cavitation observations Y N N N N Y
Pressure pulses measurements Y N N N N N
Drone videos of wave pattern Y N N N Y N
Bridge videos of wave pattern Y N N N N N
Trials with and without ESD N N N N N Y
Manoeuvring trials Zig-zag 10 deg tests N N N Y Y N
Zig-sag 20 deg tests N N N Y Y N
Turning circle N N N N Y N
Inertia Stop N N N N Y N
Acceleration N N N N Y N
Crash Stop N N N N Y N
Bollard pull N N N N Y N
Long term monitoring data Y N Y Y N N