Episode 1. A journey to unique PIV measurements at ship scale.


MARIN recently performed unique PIV flow measurements at ship scale within the JoRes project. This achievement has a 5 years journey to reflect on. So, where did it start?


A journey to unique PIV measurements at ship scale. Episode 1.

It may sound surprising, but in the 21st-century humanity knows a lot about space and the universe, but there is almost no data on water flowing into the propeller of an ordinary ship. All the knowledge available currently is either based on model test experiments (with seriously challenged assumptions) or on yet-to-be-validated numerical simulations. Up until now, there was no reliable and accurate instrument to measure the flow around a vessel. How are we then supposed to optimise the ship hull and propulsion system if we do not know the details of the flow?

With this question in mind, a group of researchers at MARIN sat together in 2017 and started to think about how to tackle this challenge. If no one has done this before, it does not mean it is impossible!

To be continued…

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