VICUS DT joins JoRes project!

The JoRes Joint research project is a global initiative consisting of more than 50 companies from 17 countries. Experts from Japan, China, South Korea, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Italy, Belgium, the USA and Canada are working together to increase confidence in numerical methods and create a basis to further ship performance improvement and industry digitalisation.
In this impressive list of participants, we were missing experts from Spain and that's why we are extremely happy to welcome a new member - VICUS DT!
VICUS DT is a ship propulsion engineering company based in Spain and specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics applications to ship hydrodynamics. They offer a complete range of engineering services and propulsion products to improve vessel performance.
Welcome VICUS DT! Looking forward to working with you!

VICUS DT team!

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